List of Indian Non-Profit Cultural Organizations in the USA

India is a country of diverse culture and ethnicity. It is impossible to enumerate all the art and culture forms that are there in India. But at least we can start with Bharatnatyam, Kuchchipudi, and Kathakali in the South; Odissi, Tagore, Sattriya, and Manipuri in the East; Rouf, Kathak, Bhangra, and Nati in the North; Garba, Ghoomar, and Lavani in the West states of India. People coming to the USA from India have organized themselves into associations not only to practice the rich heritage they left behind but also just to spend some time with people from the land of their origin in the USA. We have made a sincere effort to list some of the Indian non-profit cultural organization in USA for you to scroll through. If you want to list an Indian non-profit organization in your area, please Email us. For Organizations Teaching Indian Art & Culture in the USA, Click Here.