Indian Cultural Organizations in the USA

Organizations Teaching Indian Art & Culture in the USA: India is a country of diverse art and culture starting from the high mountains in Jammu & Kashmir to the sea washed shores of Tamil Nadu and from the desert plains of Rajasthan to the hilly greens of the North-East India. The United States of America (USA) as we all know is a country of migrants and people from all over the world have come here in search of better life and fulfill the great American Dream. People from different parts of India have also reached the shores of the USA for better opportunities in study, job, training, and more. Along with the arrival of people of Indian origin also came their art form and many have engaged in cultural activities not only to keep them engaged to their cultural roots in India but also to teach others. Additionally, beyond the fulfillment of their own sense of connecting to India in their adopted country, the Indian Americans also wanted to enrich their offspring with Indian cultural heritage. In an effort to fill this niche area, many Indian Americans with expertise have started organizations/centers to impart lessons on varied Indian art and culture. To facilitate the process of understanding and training interested persons, we at ‘the Indian Business News’ have put in efforts to list organizations teaching Indian art and culture in various states of the USA. The list is in no way a complete one and we request you email us about any organization that teaches Indian culture in your area. Thank you!

Non-Profit Indian Cultural Organizations in the USA: A common human desire is to assemble, seek company of fellow human beings, and make new friends. Invariably migrants leave behind their friends and extended family members and to fulfill that void, they seek new friends in the new country preferably from similar ethnic background. With that desire in mind, Indian Americans from different ethnic and cultural background formed and continue to form non-profit organization to assemble and celebrate Indian cultural events such as Durga Puja, Pongal, Onam, Diwali, and Baisakhi. To help you, we have listed non-profit cultural organizations formed by Indians who came to the USA from different parts of India.